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I haven't posted in forever just wanted to say hi and I miss Karlie. Not much going on here about to go to bed, don't know what I'm doing for new years even yet I'm suppost to see my buddy Pogge have no clue whats going on with that. I'll find out hopeful by thursday. My friend Jeff should be home friday and were gonna go out for some food and maybe drink a little he is 29 but has very bad OCD and his mom won't hardly let him drink but his dad has 1 drink 4 nights a week and Jeff can't drink one w/ him thats not right. He needs a job hasn't had one in a year I think maybe a year 1/2 he wants one badly now. His mom is a too over protective, he also needs to get better w/ his OCD so he can get a girlfriend and get out of the house for good. I miss Pogge haven't seen her since summer it sucks since she's one of my best friends. Karlie and my one year is Febuary 13th but we are celebating it the 14th since thats Valentines day and I have my night class Tuesday. We will either go out for Sushi or some kind of Asian cusine I've been researching I'm excited. Karlie and I have money but away for that which is good. Karlie doesn't really have money but you collected change from peoples clothes in the laundry room and when she got change from money her dad gave her she'd keep it she as a decent amount now and she saved a little more money when she got some for selling back school books. She's gonna save $10.00 when Dawn gives her her xmas money next week or this thursday. Karlie bought me an xmas gift it was so nice because she hasn't ever bought anyone a gift before and it was a thoughtful gift. It made me so happy, in the past I've been snuck into a movie, asked to pay for my own meal, didn't date the people over xmas or birthdays or have one years. My ex and good friend Stephen did buy me gifts though but my ex's Logan, Mike, John, and Jillan didn't Mike snuk me into a movie once and told me once to pay for my own meal and didn't offer to take me on a date and when he came to my house to visit we went out and he asked if I could pay and I knew he had money. Logan had no money at the time so I understand. John and I didn't last but a month 1/2 we are friends again though as of recently. Jillian is another story. I was so happy for the gift I love Karlie for it its a cool gift. I love Karlie forever and ever. Anyway enough of me going on and on I got to go to bed.
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