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Dating StrengthsDating Weaknesses
1. Open-Mindedness - 72.7%
2. Varied Interests - 71.4%
3. Adventurousness - 66.7%
4. Intelligence - 57.1%
5. Optimism - 57.1%
1. Selfishness - 72.7%
2. Appearance - 66.7%
3. Humorlessness - 50%

Dating Strengths Explained
Open-Mindedness - You are open to trying new things and entertaining new ideas, and this widens your pool of available girls.
Varied Interests - You don't limit yourself, and that's a dating asset. Your varied interests make you available and interesting to a wider range of girls.
Adventurousness - You are willing to try new things and be spontaneous. You want to get out there and really live, and you will attract people with a similar love of life.
Intelligence - Your sharp intellect is a valuable asset. Use your intelligence wisely; avoid condescension. Quiet, confident intelligence is very attractive.
Optimism - People are drawn to your positive outlook. Your optimism attracts others to you.

Dating Weaknesses Explained
Selfishness - You think too much of yourself and your needs. You must learn to put your partner first and tend to her needs.
Appearance - Devoting a greater effort at making good first impressions is a must. Try to be fit and develop a style if you want to catch a girl's attention.
Humorlessness - You need to learn how to take a joke, or better yet how to tell a good one. A well-developed sense of humor is high on the list of desired traits for daters.

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