Jo (uniqueyoyo) wrote,

love for her!

I miss Karlie more than anything and its only been almost two days. WOW summer will be fun, I just wish Karlie would be around to enjoy it with me I want everyone to meet my Karlie who has the most beautiful face ever! She's pretty! I love her more then life honestly I've only loved two other people and I promise that. I just don't want anything to go wrong in this relationship so I pray about that. She has made not want to not give up in school and to keep trying. She seen me in lots of pain and I know it hurt her. I hope one day she will be able to come to TX I know it will be hard, but I believe she can do it and she can go visit. I want her happy I hope one day she can be happy in TX, because I don't want to take her away from Everett where her family is if it will hurt her, but I must come back to TX for money reasons and now my few friends left. She will enjoy it here I hope my friends will welcome her and they really want to meet her she I know will make friends here because she'll meet Pogge and Pogge is good at being friends, making friends, and introducing people. She'll be friends with Kassi because Kassi is cool and friends with most and she likes Karlie's myspace profile, and one day she'll meet Katie yay! I want Karlie happy and I hope TX can do it for her but its not for a year or year 1/2 so we'll just live for now. Anyway Karlie is my reason smiles and my reason to love I didn't think I'd love again after Mike then Gretchen came back into my life and I loved but I knew it wouldn't last for me because I couldn't do it forever because she had/has Robert so I had to go because this love would hurt me and thinking of the future did hurt so I was like I don't need pain, only a friendship I must move on and try to find love if possible and think God Karlie found me on myspace because of Karlie she helped take the pain away and showed me I could love again and that I would be loved by her. I just hope Kar relize the pain I went through in love and the pain I went though recently. I just hope if she didn't know it all she'd ask because I'd love to tell her so its the past and ex's she needs to know. I love Karlie now and forever and I'm not leting go no lying no crosses counnt no nothing this is a promise and I'm sticking to my word as I'm off to bed. Night you all!
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